Information System Component Inventory

Configuration Management Policy for 18F

18F posts its current inventory of information systems on its dashboard located at Several sources are used to capture complete inventories of the virtual infrastructure and its information systems while providing the level of granularity deemed necessary for tracking and reporting. The AWS Management Console, VisualOps, Cloud Checkr, Github, and Nexpose are used to provide additional enumeration capabilities.

Cloud Checkr is currently deployed to facilitate asset management, along with other operations activities, on a real-time ongoing basis. Components deployed in the virtual infrastructure are accurately inventoried and can be filtered to a specific informaton system groups as well as a group of web services or those components that are related to a spcecific informaton system.

The VisualOps Cloud management tool is used to provide a visual, real-time and automated representation of the virtual infrastructure and applications within the 18F environment. It also provides a global view of the 18F AWS account where all regions and services can be seen in one place.

The 18F GitHub repository also is used to show a current lists of components that make up the inventory. It is located at

Nexpose maintains an inventory of all assets scanned within the 18F virtual Private Cloud. This includes all information system within the VPCs and components within the platform as a service.

Bosh continuously maintains inventory of all instances and configuration operators review and update the information system component inventory on a monthly basis and updates the inventory of information system whenever installations, removals, and other changes are made. 18F will verify that all components within the authorized boundary of the information system are either inventoried as part of the system or recognized by another system as a component within that systems inventory.

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