Configuration Settings

Configuration Management Policy for 18F


18F uses established and documents configuration settings for its information technology products employed within the Cloud Foundry platform that reflect the most restrictive mode consistent with operational requirements. 18F follows industry best practices and guidance provided in NIST Special Publication 800-70, Security Configuration Checklist Program for IT Products

Infrastructure documented configuration settings: operators maintain the baseline configuration for VPC, EBS and AMIs. Best practices, FISMA compliant AMIs, and hardened cloud formation templates are utilized as there are no benchmarks available. 18F uses the following approved FISMA ready baselines located at

Cloud Foundry documented configuration settings: 18F follows Cloud Foundry best practices for configuring and implementing the platform as a service. Configuration settings are documented within the deployment manifest on the GitHub and Cloud Foundry websites. The following are approved baseline configuration settings related to the Cloud Foundry platform as a service. All documented configuration settings related to Cloud Foundry are located at


18F Implements the configuration settings based on its documented process and practices. operators implement the configuration benchmarks identified in Part a, maintains the baseline configuration for all cloud infrastructure and Cloud Foundry components and is responsible for ensuring all systems are configured in accordance with applicable hardening guides.

c operators document any exceptions to established baseline configurations for all of 18F's virtual infrastructure and information systems. 18F maintains exception documents which detail specific items from the established configuration settings which cannot be applied to instances due to operational requirements.


18F Monitors and controls changes to the configuration settings in accordance with its documented configuration management policy and procedures.

All Configuration Change Control: operators and 18F system owners maintain the baseline configurations within 18F Virtual Private Cloud. Configuration will be reviewed in real-time using automated methods and at least quarterly to ensure no unauthorized changes were made to the baseline configuration.

Internal vulnerability scans are performed at least on a quarterly basis in the event that no enhancements or upgrades are performed.

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