NIST-800-53-AU-3 1

Content of Audit Records | Additional Audit Information

Audit and Accountability Policy for 18F

The Cloud.Gov information system generates audit records containing the following additional information: session, connection, transaction, or activity duration; for client-server transactions, the number of bytes received and bytes sent; additional informational messages to diagnose or identify the event; characteristics that describe or identify the object or resource being acted upon.

Cloudtrail can generate a subset of audit records containing additional information within the AWS infrastructure.


  • Security Groups, Security Group Rules, Key Pairs, AMIs, Spot Instances, Reserved Instance, Instances, Volumes, Snapshots, Placement Groups, Elastic Load Balancers (including attaching or detaching instances to them), Network Interfaces, Elastic IPs IAM:
    • Account Aliases, Account Summaries, Access Keys, MFA Devices, Policies, Password Policies, Groups, Users S3:
    • Bucket Logging, Logging Target Bucket, Bucket Logging Prefix, Bucket Website Enabled, Bucket Website Index Document, Bucket Website Error Document, Bucket Notifications Enabled, Public Buckets, Bucket Notifications, Bucket Lifecycle Rules, Bucket Permissions

Cloud.Gov can generate additional audit information such as

  • remote_addr, remote_user, request_status, bytes_sent, http_referer, http_user_agent, gzip_ratio


Loggregator captures and generates logs for incomming and outgoing TCP, UDP, ICMP logs in addition to logs generated by applications deployed on Cloud Foundry.

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